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Life Polar Opposites

Trading Journey – Level 5

Wow, what a journey for being a trader. I started to want to trade for a living about 5 year ago back in 2011. What I did was started to read books. Lot of books. Follow the greats and start learning. What I got at the time was basic Technical or Value trading. I knew […]

Training for the Real World

I was walking around the mall with my family and we walk past a Kiosk with the merchant play with the mini Helicopter. Naturally, my kids are curious and want to touch everything. As we were standing around and the merchant was showing them the toys, we started to ask about the price and he […]

YourNewDesktop – 7 Year and Going

As a founder and a business owner. I had the privilege to work and grow with this adventure. I was just doing some basic filing of my Tax paperwork and got to looking at how the company had grow and changes. Michael and I started this business with the vision of giving people Virtual desktop […]

Wong Chinese Name

Paul Wong Chinese Name Thomas Wong Chinese Name Kaylien Wong Chinese Name

Perfect Parents and Children???

Are you the perfect Parent or Child? What is it like for you from day to day? Share your experience with us. What are the Rules that work for you? Perfect Parents and Children Presentation

Understanding the Distriction for Trading in the Markets

A long time ago, I want to be a professional basket ball player. When that did not work out, I try being a Professional Tennis player. And that did not work out either. In the process, I had it that “practice makes perfect”. That did not seem to be true over time. What I have […]

Being the possibility of Nice may not Work

Nice is my default way of being with people and i have had a good first look at when it does not provide service to people. I had the opportunity to lead a presentation and found myself lost in distractions. The presentation was with 14 people, I was the one in front and was leading […]

One Week @ the Biggest Loser Resort

What a vacation. I just came back from one week stay at the Biggest Loser Resort. I can say I survived the last chance workout. When I originally propose the plan to go to the Biggest Loser Resort (BLR), I want to support my wife goals of getting healthy. I also thought I could maybe […]

You Better Un-Collapse Your Language Sunny

Words and phases¬†is what we use in our everyday life. We learn from very young to used words to describe how we feel and the things around us. Over time, we get lazy and confuse¬†cause we are human. We start to collapse what we mean and instead we assume the people we are talking to […]