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YourNewDesktop – 7 Year and Going

As a founder and a business owner. I had the privilege to work and grow with this adventure.

I was just doing some basic filing of my Tax paperwork and got to looking at how the company had grow and changes.

Michael and I started this business with the vision of giving people Virtual desktop back in 2008 (Remote Desktop to a terminal server). It was a struggle since most people did not understand the idea. Since then, we have keep the business running with tradition consulting while we try on Manage services and Break fix. We grew and grew until we started to look into how the landscape is changing for SMB. Microsoft went away with Small Business Server, this was a hint that the Cloud is going to take over. It did not, now we are in a hybrid mode of Cloud and Break Fix.

Now, I am the sold business owner with Michael departure last year. It is very interesting as I learn ALL aspect of the business (accounting, legal, tax). I had hired some Trumethod to help me create a world class business. I am now able to freely create and make the mistake to be successful.

Brief history

2008 – YND was incorporated with a Gross of 51K with just Michael and Sam

2009 – YND Gross 106K – took on Consultant clients

2010 – YND Gross 190K Added Elliot to the Team in July 2010

2011 – Gross 309K – first started to work with BeagleTech (Anne) as a partner

2012 – Gross 581K – Added Terry August to the Team, took on Sierra-One (Robert) as a partner to buy all his clients.

2013 – Gross 603K – Added Aaron in Q2 for book keeping

2014 – Gross 537K with Michael departing in Q3 for Sam to continue with the company and Elliot being hired to Robotics in Q2

2015 – Sign up with TruMethod and working on delivery world class service to take care of our clients.

New Client this year so far – 3 (MBE, Zap, HNI)

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