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Training for the Real World

I was walking around the mall with my family and we walk past a Kiosk with the merchant play with the mini Helicopter. Naturally, my kids are curious and want to touch everything.

As we were standing around and the merchant was showing them the toys, we started to ask about the price and he started shouting out prices and the related SPECIAL discount.

We conclude to want to buy one or two for a SPECIAL price of $35 each. Then my wife came by and ask what is taking so long and we started to discuss about what we as PARENTS want to teach our kids. She convince me that the merchant is NOT going anywhere and if we come back, the price will be the same. As PARENTS, I told our kids NO to buy right now and that we will figure something out.

Well, here is what we figure out. We had a iPAD App call iAllowance that I had install in the past and my wife suggested we take a look again. The App gave us the idea of using STARS instead of money and added another dimension to what we want our children to learn about finance.

Now we track their account with the App – to be continue..

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