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Trading Journey – Level 5

Wow, what a journey for being a trader. I started to want to trade for a living about 5 year ago back in 2011. What I did was started to read books. Lot of books. Follow the greats and start learning. What I got at the time was basic Technical or Value trading. I knew I was not interested in reading financial reports and tracking companies and other fundamentals. I choose the go with Technical. I started with basic stock trade like Bank of America and other banks. I was interested in what other people was saying and taking the “bet” to make money. After more books, I found I was not happy with the expected 5% return per year. This is not going to have me retire or better yet “FREEDOM”.

First schools, InvestTool and RedOptions. Went to the seminals and learn the 3 arrow and then found out it did not work. Took a while to experience how it did not work. Paid for all the info and charts and subscriptions to experience how it was mostly luck. Then, I went to a class onsite to learn how to trade “flags” and also found John Carter for Options. Now we are talking about how to trade for real returns (50%-200%). I understand the flags and also understand about options basic of puts and calls. It was a great ride and it feels great. Was up about $50K with a $200k account. It was awesome. Then, I learn about trading reports and got hammer back to break even. I was frustrated with how options was being executed. I was right about the direction for exit and entry but it would not fill my orders and then the commission was adding up to $2k-$3k fast. What I learn was this was also luck. I purchase so many indicators that all show promise but I would admit, I just want it to make money for me and did not pay attention to how it really works. What i did learn is that it was all “PAST” base and that they are just “NUMBERS” and not reality. I wanted to find forecasting indicator and not just PAST base indicators.

Next, I found Online Trading Academy (OTA). They claim to have a patent method of trading Supply and Demand and the owner was a Graduate of Landmark. This gave me confident that it was legit with high integrity that it will work since my experience was that it was all Crap so far from my pass two schools. I went to the basic class and then to the real class. What I got from OTA is that trading Futures is the way to go. It has cheap commission, tax advantage, NO insider trading, easy fills, and trade mostly 24 hours for reports protection.  They charge an arm and a leg for their stuff and what I learn is that it is also luck as it did not teach any advance class. They just want to bring in more new traders to the market. The teacher follow a manual and teach the basic of supply and demand zone. The issue is that class is only every two months here in San Jose and it is hard to get into class. I was so tempted to get into their Master class for 50K total. They did not want to accept my cheap offer. I am so GLADDDDD!!! I did not join. This was a little of luck and also my natural behavior to always ask for a discount. I will give OTA credit for having me trade Futures and then to also teach me to only trade not more then 3 markets (ES, NQ, CL). I was managing about 30 stocks on my list before and now, I know how insane it was for the myself.

Continuing on, I went back to John Carter to try to get Futures related stuff and purchase more indicators and attending more classes. Then, I started to share with another student and found Carlos. I really appreciated the classroom because it traded LIVE for both entry and exit. The rest was mainly BS and past base.  After a week or so, I gave Carlos a call and decide that the Mentoring program was the way to go. This is when I really understand Fib at it best. There were some info from the Fib queen but I did not want to spend the time to learn it. What I got from Carlos was a combination of Fib and Price Actions. (NOTE: I first learn price actions from Al Brooks. I gave me the some inside on how the market swings) This was the begin of my understanding of the market and how it really works. The issue was still Entry. I was getting Targets that was so good, the issue was entry. Next, Carlos introduce us to OFA and this added more detail understanding to the Markets. NOTE: This is all Technical base and nothing to do with Fundamentals. I spend a lot of time to learn order-flow and price actions and fib.

What I got from OFA that was most valuable, understand the principle of the markets, basic math of ratio, natural flow of the markets. This is the key for me to manage RISK which is different from LOSING. I am on my way to becoming a trader and I suspect I have 5 more years before my 10K hours of becoming full time.

I still plan to pay off my Mortgage, get to 1 Million in the bank and purchase the NSX as a trophy, and travel to become a philanthropy. My guiding north or possibility is FREEDOM. Supporting possibilities are work-ability and integrity. To the Journey….Update in a couple of years.

Distinctions and principles:
Indicators VS Tools
Market will go Up and Down. — Think about it more..
There are always equal number of Buyers and Sellers – Aggressive Buyer/Seller moves the markets.
Price can be manipulate in low volume hours
No ONEs know the future. It is up to Mr. Market to “GIVE” you profit. It does not OWE you anything.
You can only control RISK. NOT profits.
Algos will always be faster then humans. Futures only trade by ticks and not decimals.

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