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Trading Journey – Level 5

Wow, what a journey for being a trader. I started to want to trade for a living about 5 year ago back in 2011. What I did was started to read books. Lot of books. Follow the greats and start learning. What I got at the time was basic Technical or Value trading. I knew […]

You Better Un-Collapse Your Language Sunny

Words and phases¬†is what we use in our everyday life. We learn from very young to used words to describe how we feel and the things around us. Over time, we get lazy and confuse¬†cause we are human. We start to collapse what we mean and instead we assume the people we are talking to […]

First Post

Welcome to my new home. Here I will be sharing my experiences for being a parent, a husband, a chef, a coach, and a business owners. This site is to share and capture my inspiration in my life where I have empowered people to create workability. Frequent update may be irregular and it may be […]