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Life Polar Opposites

Trading Journey – Level 5

Wow, what a journey for being a trader. I started to want to trade for a living about 5 year ago back in 2011. What I did was started to read books. Lot of books. Follow the greats and start learning. What I got at the time was basic Technical or Value trading. I knew I was not interested in reading financial reports and tracking companies and other fundamentals. I choose the go with Technical. I started with basic stock trade like Bank of America and other banks. I was interested in what other people was saying and taking the “bet” to make money. After more books, I found I was not happy with the expected 5% return per year. This is not going to have me retire or better yet “FREEDOM”.

First schools, InvestTool and RedOptions. Went to the seminals and learn the 3 arrow and then found out it did not work. Took a while to experience how it did not work. Paid for all the info and charts and subscriptions to experience how it was mostly luck. Then, I went to a class onsite to learn how to trade “flags” and also found John Carter for Options. Now we are talking about how to trade for real returns (50%-200%). I understand the flags and also understand about options basic of puts and calls. It was a great ride and it feels great. Was up about $50K with a $200k account. It was awesome. Then, I learn about trading reports and got hammer back to break even. I was frustrated with how options was being executed. I was right about the direction for exit and entry but it would not fill my orders and then the commission was adding up to $2k-$3k fast. What I learn was this was also luck. I purchase so many indicators that all show promise but I would admit, I just want it to make money for me and did not pay attention to how it really works. What i did learn is that it was all “PAST” base and that they are just “NUMBERS” and not reality. I wanted to find forecasting indicator and not just PAST base indicators. (Continued)

Training for the Real World

I was walking around the mall with my family and we walk past a Kiosk with the merchant play with the mini Helicopter. Naturally, my kids are curious and want to touch everything.

As we were standing around and the merchant was showing them the toys, we started to ask about the price and he started shouting out prices and the related SPECIAL discount.

We conclude to want to buy one or two for a SPECIAL price of $35 each. Then my wife came by and ask what is taking so long and we started to discuss about what we as PARENTS want to teach our kids. She convince me that the merchant is NOT going anywhere and if we come back, the price will be the same. As PARENTS, I told our kids NO to buy right now and that we will figure something out.

Well, here is what we figure out. We had a iPAD App call iAllowance that I had install in the past and my wife suggested we take a look again. The App gave us the idea of using STARS instead of money and added another dimension to what we want our children to learn about finance.

Now we track their account with the App – to be continue..

YourNewDesktop – 7 Year and Going

As a founder and a business owner. I had the privilege to work and grow with this adventure.

I was just doing some basic filing of my Tax paperwork and got to looking at how the company had grow and changes.

Michael and I started this business with the vision of giving people Virtual desktop back in 2008 (Remote Desktop to a terminal server). It was a struggle since most people did not understand the idea. Since then, we have keep the business running with tradition consulting while we try on Manage services and Break fix. We grew and grew until we started to look into how the landscape is changing for SMB. Microsoft went away with Small Business Server, this was a hint that the Cloud is going to take over. It did not, now we are in a hybrid mode of Cloud and Break Fix.

Now, I am the sold business owner with Michael departure last year. It is very interesting as I learn ALL aspect of the business (accounting, legal, tax). I had hired some Trumethod to help me create a world class business. I am now able to freely create and make the mistake to be successful.

Brief history


Wong Chinese Name

Paul Wong Chinese Name

Thomas Wong Chinese Name

Kaylien Wong Chinese Name

Perfect Parents and Children???

Are you the perfect Parent or Child?

What is it like for you from day to day?

Share your experience with us.

What are the Rules that work for you?

Perfect Parents and Children Presentation

Understanding the Distriction for Trading in the Markets

A long time ago, I want to be a professional basket ball player. When that did not work out, I try being a Professional Tennis player. And that did not work out either.

In the process, I had it that “practice makes perfect”. That did not seem to be true over time. What I have learn is NOT just practice but rather distinctions in a sport or in a discipline is what it take to excel to expert level. Understanding is also not necessary in many profession rather, experience is the require ingredient. To get experience is to fail often. A good test for something is a simple phase “Been there, done that”.

I have taken on trading in the market and have had some interesting distinction that I would like to share. Here is what I experience so far in the trading profession:

  • Sell when the market is greedy (VIX is low), Buy when the market is scare (VIX is high)
  • If the Trend is high, it should be base on your trading rules to SELL or BUY. (it is not always the same)
  • Trading is an activity distinct from how much money you make or lose
  • A long term trader (trading for life) will make wise decision vs. an emotional one who just want to get rich fast
  • Trading decision made when the market is open have more emotions tied into the trade.
  • Making money due to luck is not an effective training tool. It is just luck and a matter of time before failure.
  • Charts do NOT predict the future.. It show the PAST and only the past. Experience is require to read it correctly. NOT predictions.
  • The more you get to know, the less time you spend on taking action
  • Financial NEWS is entertainment for the investors. It is NEVER a good trading tool. (bad habit)
  • The best traders only trade about a dozen stocks his whole career. Get the edge on the market.
  • Use the same Metric you used to get INTO a trade as you get OUT of a trade
  • Simple as possible and NOT simpliar

BGO – Blinding Glimpse of the Obvious

1. Focus on Trend, Suport/Resistance, & momentum to be a consistant profitable trader

2. When the market change direction. “Change Direction”

3. When the Martket give you an OUT, TAKE IT

4. Commit to buy a Stock when it breaks resistance.

Mindset – Fix mindset is the hardest to learn in.. Reluctant to volenteer. For a growth mindset, if it is worng, I will get the correct info in the head.

Being the possibility of Nice may not Work

Nice is my default way of being with people and i have had a good first look at when it does not provide service to people. I had the opportunity to lead a presentation and found myself lost in distractions. The presentation was with 14 people, I was the one in front and was leading a discussion about life in general. What started to happen was people are having side conversation and I did not managed this distraction. I was being nice instead and waiting for people to stop talking. They did for a little and then they started talking again. Every time they had a question, I try to answer it. This I learn may not be the best way to handle conversation moving forward.

Here is what I have learn:

Not all questions are to be answer.

To lead a room of people in a conversation, the intention must be clear.

Being straight with people is necessary.

Asking the questions continuously will have me be present (What are they commit to?)

Listening for is distracting without an intention or context.


One Week @ the Biggest Loser Resort

What a vacation. I just came back from one week stay at the Biggest Loser Resort. I can say I survived the last chance workout.

When I originally propose the plan to go to the Biggest Loser Resort (BLR), I want to support my wife goals of getting healthy. I also thought I could maybe learn a little thing about health. To my excitement, every day, we HIKE for an average of two hours in the Malibu mountains. This equate to about 5-6 miles for 6 days with steep hills and rocks. They access me to be in the intermediate level. Then, we would have three more exercise classes in the afternoon (Cardio, Pool, Core). They give names to these classes. Examples are Mountains, Cardio Blast, Treading, Pool, Yoga, Disco Cardio, Circuit, etc. Then at 6:00 am daily, there is a stretch class to warm you up. After about 36 hours of workout in one week, I successfully lost 2.4% or 5.8 lbs. at the Biggest Loser Resort.

What I got was much more. I learn that I was afraid of my own success in some ways. In the beginning, I just goof around and be normal like any other participant. Then, on Monday after the first hike, a trainer suggested that I split up with my wife and go on my own journey. I took on her advice and away I went. I got to push my own limits and I was successful. The numbers definitely shows. I ran a top speed on the treadmill of 11 for 1 minutes. All this time, I wanted quit and stop. It was very loud in my head. I made it and I took some pretty deep breaths. WOW.

I also got that I was eating like any other American. POORLY. Too much of everything. At the BLR, they feed us three balance meals a day and gave us a to go snack. The average daily calories was between 1200 and 1400 for all the food. No caffeine or sugar anywhere to add. I thought it is only one week, let give it a try. To my surprise, by the end of the week, I got NEW taste buds. Now plain vegetables and fruit tastes awesome. On the way back from Malibu to Tracy, I stop at one Vietnamese restaurant and another on the way and the food was actually salty and strong. I did not need the sauce they give with the salad or the spring rolls. I also did not order my usually favorites. This surprise me at first, after the meal, I felt great. It has been a long time since I actually tasted the food instead of all the salty sauce that I must have in the past.

I now have an understand of food and how to do pair eating to keep my energy level steady throughout the day. It is such a gift to be able to listen and know what my body needs and how to keep it in a good shape. I also know, that I am making a big change in my life and I am NOT on a diet of any kind.

I am grateful for all the trainings, cooks, and the support staff at BLR. They are truly there to help me and all the participants on their own journey. Most trainings have 10 to 20 years of experience and they sure bring the energy to every class to boost your performance and success. I owe them my health.

Now, I am connected with my wife with a healthy conscious eating. We understand portion size and calories is NOT just calories. My three kids will all benefits and I now, I am planning a new life with many outdoors activities and a healthy life style. Next time you’re thinking about a vacations, Give BLR a try. Your Body will thank you.

You Better Un-Collapse Your Language Sunny

Words and phases is what we use in our everyday life. We learn from very young to used words to describe how we feel and the things around us. Over time, we get lazy and confuse cause we are human. We start to collapse what we mean and instead we assume the people we are talking to would know what we are talking about or they are just stupid.

For Example, when we were young the word “up” mean toward the blue sky. Now compare the meaning of up in these phases. What’s UP dude?, Shut UP, Wake UP, Speak UP,  polish UP, warm UP, lock it UP, fix it UP, UP for election, line UP, think UP excuses, dressed UP, etc…

With just a two letter word, we have used it in many different way and each have different meaning. In this Article, I will attempt to Un-Collapse many of the common word we used everyday. I hope this will provide you more clarity in life to empower you to create workability.

Integrity VS Morality