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You Better Un-Collapse Your Language Sunny

Words and phases is what we use in our everyday life. We learn from very young to used words to describe how we feel and the things around us. Over time, we get lazy and confuse cause we are human. We start to collapse what we mean and instead we assume the people we are talking to would know what we are talking about or they are just stupid.

For Example, when we were young the word “up” mean toward the blue sky. Now compare the meaning of up in these phases. What’s UP dude?, Shut UP, Wake UP, Speak UP,  polish UP, warm UP, lock it UP, fix it UP, UP for election, line UP, think UP excuses, dressed UP, etc…

With just a two letter word, we have used it in many different way and each have different meaning. In this Article, I will attempt to Un-Collapse many of the common word we used everyday. I hope this will provide you more clarity in life to empower you to create workability.

Integrity VS Morality

Integrity: It mean to be whole and Intact. It allow for workability. It is devrive from the work INTEGER instead of fractions.
Morality: means good and bad. It is a judgement and an interpretation.

As normal human being, we collapse these two defination everyday. For example, when someone is late for a meaning, it does not mean if they are a good person or not but rather if the meeting will work or not. You can easily tell if the meaning only have two person and one is late.

Results VS Statistics

Help VS Assisting

Ownership VS Responsibility

Knowing VS Being

Describe VS Experience

Goals VS Commitment

Wants VS Needs

Repeat VS Generate

Fix VS Service

Fear VS Courage