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Being the possibility of Nice may not Work

Nice is my default way of being with people and i have had a good first look at when it does not provide service to people. I had the opportunity to lead a presentation and found myself lost in distractions. The presentation was with 14 people, I was the one in front and was leading a discussion about life in general. What started to happen was people are having side conversation and I did not managed this distraction. I was being nice instead and waiting for people to stop talking. They did for a little and then they started talking again. Every time they had a question, I try to answer it. This I learn may not be the best way to handle conversation moving forward.

Here is what I have learn:

Not all questions are to be answer.

To lead a room of people in a conversation, the intention must be clear.

Being straight with people is necessary.

Asking the questions continuously will have me be present (What are they commit to?)

Listening for is distracting without an intention or context.